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I was raised in California, where my family ranched along with my parents raising us 5 kids, sometimes a few extra with them involved in foster care. I remember as a little girl how I loved watching my Dad ride...especially the gritty horses. He has a special way with horses. I knew from a kid that I wanted to marry a Cowboy...so I did. Although I haven't been a Wyoming Wife for long, my husband and I live an exciting life together. Not only are we partners but were the best of friends. These are going to be stories which include my emotions (which as a female they seem to be on the fritz sometimes!), days gone bad, and days that ended absolutely perfect. All in all...this is just a journal of my crazy, beautiful life as a Wyoming Wife.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Takin' Pictures

A few weeks ago, I took pictures of my little sis Haley.  She is super photogenic, and pretty to say the least.  I finally got to really use my new camera…and after the first photo I fell in love.  These were the first set of photos I’ve ever taken just one on one.  Boy, did we have a blast. 

We went out the ranch that Kody works for where everything is perfectly manicured, and the old barn is still frozen in time.  It just seemed like the perfect backdrop.  I grabbed and old comfy chair out of the store and we were off to see what we could do.   

~Wyoming Wife

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Houndsman’s Wife’s Prayer

The Houndsman’s Wife’s Prayer

I ask for Mother Nature to come dressed with snow
And sometimes the sun, so the dogs have to work in the dirt
I ask for safety in the Pine ridges and the dark canyons below
May we sleep in our bed each night and recover every dog right after the hunt
I pray our horses feet don’t get soft
And Lord keep our ponies noses out of the dirt
And our butts in the saddle
I pray for big toms to be easy on our dogs
I pray for lions to be treed high and bobcats to snarl in a cedar
I ask that fur prices are above and beyond
Comparable to last year would be just fine
I pray that our vet bills be low and the fuel prices down
Lord, we love to be in the mountains
And you’ve blessed us so
Thanks lord for good dogs
We couldn’t ask for a better pack
Keep em’ safe
And Lord, we ask that you be with us when we run that track. 

Thank you for reading


Wyoming Wife

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gravel Road Bucker

My Grandma said she would work for me last Wednesday, so I could go move cows with Kody.  We moved them 10 miles, across the railroad tracks, across the bridge going over the river, and then across the highway.  There weren’t any critical spots, they all moved slowly but without any fuss.  Out of 378 cows there was only one that tried to get away once and my little paint horse did a great job getting her back to the herd.
The morning started out gathering them out of one pasture they were moved to the day before, right off the bat a little yearling antelope jumps up out of the brush and runs right past us just giving little paint a case of the jitters…but nothing more. 
They are hauling gravel out of a ranch that we cut through, I counted twelve gravel trucks driving right past us…and they didn’t seem to bother. 
We got down past the river, the cows were moving across the highway.  I decided to ride around a big ditch that was frozen solid at the bottom…just because I like to be safe.  Kody was flagging traffic about 100 yards up from me and saw this happen…
I squeezed little paint into a trot, and holy heck. His back feet went up, his nose went down.  This was the last thing on my list of things to do.  He was ahead of me the whole time, I was scrambling to shorten my reins, and mid third jump I landed on a gravel road.  Before I got myself off the ground, little paint had run across the highway and Kody ran over giggling to himself.  Then he saw my face, bloody nose, bloody chin and blood in my mouth.  Thankfully I didn’t lose a tooth!
Looks like me and little paint have a little more work to do.