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I was raised in California, where my family ranched along with my parents raising us 5 kids, sometimes a few extra with them involved in foster care. I remember as a little girl how I loved watching my Dad ride...especially the gritty horses. He has a special way with horses. I knew from a kid that I wanted to marry a Cowboy...so I did. Although I haven't been a Wyoming Wife for long, my husband and I live an exciting life together. Not only are we partners but were the best of friends. These are going to be stories which include my emotions (which as a female they seem to be on the fritz sometimes!), days gone bad, and days that ended absolutely perfect. All in all...this is just a journal of my crazy, beautiful life as a Wyoming Wife.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Update

Its been a while since I have blogged! Anyways I’m working on a story about the big move my family made back in 2003, leaving sunny California to bitter cold Wyoming…which now holds my heart.
Every one knows I love hunting Mountain Lions, but it really isn’t something you could physically do 12 months out of the year. January came along and its kind of like the light at the end of the tunnel, meaning its still winter so hunt hard but Spring is coming. We caught a few lions in January, but again it is a bitter unforgiving month for a houndsman. The wind is freezing and the temperature seems to keep falling. I swear my husband can wear a pack of hounds out, there is no where to far for him to go…sometimes I think I need tack mule shoes to his boots.
February is even better than January, it is my absolute favorite month to hunt. It seems that you always cut a few booner tom tracks. Although Lions breed year round, February is the month that they are on the prowl for females. We recently cut a gigantic track, but we haven’t got his schedule down yet…seems when we turn the dogs loose it is just way to old. As soon as we cut him a bit fresher, he is in trouble. We left a beautiful female in the tree at the end February, and little Waylon rocked that hunt along with Copper. We were four hours into a hunt with a client, needless to say he was more than impressed. He kicked himself for leaving the female in the tree, but there are just some lions that you don’t need to see hit the ground. It was really gratifying to leave a cat in the tree to roam the canyons. The perfect snow on the ground became a nasty crust of ice cutting up our dogs feet so we really had to utilize and rotate all the dogs on this hunt. Unfortunately the day a cat did hit the ground, I was at work. Kody told me the story of the hunt, I always tell Kody to give me all the details so I can picture it in my mind. The hunter was satisfied with his hunt, and is planning on booking another cat hunt with us in search for a big tom!
February is now over, I can guarantee you I’ll need at least one cat fix before the month is over. I’m just praying for fair weather and the lord to treat our dogs good with the danger we put them in.
March is my stress free month, it means Winter is just about over, It may puke on us a few more times. But soon enough my wild flowers will be in bloom, we can start shed hunting, working my new colt, having BBQ’s, then soon after we can start bating our bears. Kody has also signed on with a ranch riding and pairing cows while they are calving…but the boss man will let him take a few days off when we get a good snow.

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  1. Another great story Jordan. Keep up the good work.